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Yellowstone National Park, Days 4 & 5

‚ÄčOK, we are convinced this is definitely a must-see park.  As the park ranger stated yesterday, while we awaited Old Faithful to erupt, this is why the park was created in 1872.  Over half the world's geysers are contained within this park.  What historians have phrased "America's best idea", (the national parks) certa...

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Yellowstone NP, Day 2

We're set up in the Grizzly RV Resort in West Yellowstone, MT.  The western entrance, we're told by the park rangers, is the busiest entrance.  It looks like the best location to access features in the park if you want full hook-ups.  Fishing Bridge RV Park, in the national park, is closed this year for renovation.   On day...

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Long Beach California 2019

Last week was Pride week in Long Beach Ca I have not posted in the blog tool lately and want to make it a must do after each event so members can share our fun. Pride week in Long beach is a good time to do just that. Tim and I headed out late on Thursday for the 2 hour trip to the port city of Long Beach. Our Bus is up for sale and there was a bit...

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Looking for an upholsterer in the LA area. Our couch is in desperate need. Do they take the couch away? Do they do the work in the rig? Do they come to us or do we go to them? Any input & recommendations welcome! Thanks, Buck & Chris...

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Our Wonderful History: The CCC

Who do we have to thank for so many of our beautiful state parks? President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the young men of the Civilian Conservation Corps, that's who. And there is a wonderful museum to honor those people at Highlands Hammock State Park in Sebring, Florida where we camped last week. Forest fire at camp The heat kept most campers aw...

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Pala Casino, San Diego CA 2018

St Pats is March 17 but we celebrated it two weeks early this year. Naming an event is mostly a way to give it character before the characters show up to camp. We set up Pala Indian Casino for this years StPats SoCal event. Tim and the caterer set the theme and decked the halls. I am so glad he likes to decorate because it sets a mood and makes the...

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Jackson California Event 2018


Tim and I visited the Northern California group last year and so much wanted to make it back once again to see the folks we don't get to see at event south of Pismo Beach. One of the best things that came out of this event was the formation of some other event choices. Keep an eye on the calendar for more information on that. On the way up to Jacks...

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Quartzsite AZ 2018


Quartzsite is an event everyone should try once just to say they did it and an event Tim and I attend each year because we both enjoy the desert and quiet fellowship.I often state that there are over 100,000 motorhomes dry camping in the desert for this event and my numbers are backed up by the many articles you can find about the gathering.Quartzs...

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Pride with Tim @ SanDiego 2017


Tim and I meet up with 20 or so members at the Chula Vista Marina in San Diego California and RV Park for a Friday night cocktail hour. A conservative number of only 3 Costco Pizza fed the crew who were there to support the next days events‚Äč Terry and Sandy made the trip to keep every one safe Security Detail, 2017Everyone in the parade setup crew ...

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Rincon Beach in December

Tim and I had a great time camping with the group at the Pala Reservation in Northern San Diego County. Three days after we got back home we decided to spend a week dry camping (camping an RV without hookup to Utilities) along the coast at the Rincon Parkway in Ventura I started the morning early with a quick drive to San Diego to visit a customer ...

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Kenny and I have been referred to this club by some friends we met at the 2016 AZ Lake Pleasant Bash (Spring). We're sampling the free trial subscription. So far looks like fun!

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Driving the coast! PCH to San Fransisco & back to the desert

Happy Holidays!  We are heading up & down the southern coast, from palm springs to san fransisco & back!  May not be exciting to you, but we are STOKED!!  Please, any one that has done this that may have words of wisdom, chime in.  It's a week, and seems like enough time to get a real sense of the PCH.  Maybe not.  We're reaching out to anyone that might by chance be doing the same thing or has done it & has irresistable advice or recommendations.  Driving a 24' Tioga dark gray with a golden retriever at the helm.  Peace!

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Southwest Road Tour?

Chris and I are starting to plan a week long honeymoon road trip starting December 26th. Were guessing the Southwest is a better destination than heading north that time of year. We're looking for suggestions! RV Parks? Must-see sights? We're open to suggestion! You can contact us here or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Thanks fellow RRVers.


Buck & Chris

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I am looking for some campgrounds in central to southern CA.  Resorts are fine but looking to get to some campgrounds with the basics.  I have a 35' 5th wheel.  Most places seem to only want to take trailers or rigs under 26 feet.  Any good places?  Something in the woods would be great!





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Canadian RV Members

Hi everyone, Im trying to find canadian members, is there anyone out there.


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reliable pet information at this website

Hi everybody! I'd like to share a great website for referencing questions you may have concerning your pets. It seems that many sites simply want to sell you products and/or perhaps address part of an issue you may have. One of my vet friends advised me to use the following site when researching medical and behavioral topics for pets. All the articles are written by veterinarians. All the articles will do is inform you with reliable information. Give it a try! The site is
Also, I'd like to invite you to once again have an oral exam of you dog (or cat) which I will be happy to perform for you. We can schedule a non-anesthetic dental for your pet if it's needed. All pets I've performed dentals on at past events are again due!! Del & I will be in site 144 and we look forward to seeing you, and introducing you to our new puppy! He is a 5 month old pomeranian, this is his first time in the RV and first time camping! Come see Cubby!!

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rockhounding in Ellensburg, Wa

What a week. You think Dennis the Mensis was dirty. He had nothing on me.
Each day I set out early with a new adventure in hand. With an empty backback except 20lbs of tools and water and a couple of cliff
bars I set off, sometimes with the dogs and some not, the temp of the day made a difference. If it was hot they stayed in air conditioned
Betty my Rv tow behind.
By the end of every day I was covered in dirt, scrapped from climbing a few cliffs and exhausted. My backpack on the way back to the truck
was around 50-60 lbs with some really cool rocks.
At one local I had to manage a 60 lbs geo into my truck alone in the middle of no where.
I had alot of good laughs and great weather. Managed to wrangle a case of sweetttt peach into the truck on the way back.

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Priscilla's high-heel cover

Tim and I had some time this last weekend to do some more work on the high heel shoe prop we built for last years Palm Springs pride parade. TonyP the Palm Springs event host secured a place for us in this years parade and we didnt want to show up without adding something to the mix or making some changes. The steel frame of the shoe was not our in...

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