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Rainbow Ranch Gay & Lesbian Campground
by tim     May 28, 2009    
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Hoping for improvments

I waited a couple weeks before submitting this to see if my attitude had changed. I requested a full hook-up site for a 40 foot Class A without any trees blocking my satellite. The only spot the campground has to fill my request was in the perms area, although the site is being used for transient guests while it's empty. I tried to get level and even with blocks (which I almost never need) I still needed about six more inches on one side (about 9 inches total), I wasn't going to do that. The utilities are located on the wrong side and trees blocked putting the awning out. The water pressure at this site was very low and sometimes smelled. The power went out twice during the week I was there. Most of the perms were friendly, the pool needed cleaning, but was to cold to get in.

Once you turn off the main road you have about three miles of very rough narrow paved road which takes you over a small bridge with metal planks to support your wheels, I wondered what would happen if one of the tires fell off the metal rails...just past that is new drainage pipe that has a sign saying 17,000 lbs per axle rear axle is well over 18,000lbs. Once at the "end of the road" you turn onto the campground property, which is all white sand/gravel (VERY dusty).

While being escorted to my site my antennas hit some Christmas lights strung across the road and even though I didn't hear it, I found I had two long scrapes in the Gel-Coat paint down the drivers side from trees. Those tree branches were removed before I left, that's something a campground should be on the look-out for all the time and not have to wait till a guest says something. The manager told me he had stone coming to help level the that's a start.

It appears that the regular transient sites near the office/pool area didn't have the tree branch issue, but none of them looked level, no sewers and HD satellite would never work in the trees.

The Oktober Fest Party was fun, and after being the only guest at the campground for four days, it was nice to see others for the weekend. For someone like myself that is full-time and just travels too as many gay campgrounds as I can, I found the guests during this weekend younger than in most places.

WIFI was available near the pool area only and the volleyball area looked nice. The CG is near what appeared to once be a lake and every creature in the world that flies is at this campground, as well as a lot of fire ants.

The next time I'm in Texas I intend to try the other campground to the south, and see what that is like.

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JD and Gustav Written by JD and Gustav
January 15, 2014
We are perms at Rainbow Ranch and can tell you that yes lots of improvements are taking place INCLUDING A NEW IN GROUND POOL?.
The road to get to the Ranch is not really something they can do anything about but the roads with in the campgrounds are much better and gravel has been brought in to level up the sites. The sites without sewer hook ups are the ones closest to the lake where sewer lines are not allowed. Once you get away from the water you do get in to a lot of trees but honestly that is one of the things we like about it. We pull our TT in and out a lot because we like to go to a lot of places, you just have to be careful and watch for limbs. Also you do have to decide if you want to be upfront by the water or do you want sewer hook ups, unfortunately it’s hard to get both. There is a dump station conveniently located on the way out. 2013 was a rough year for Texas with the huge drought we had. ALL Texas lakes are extremely low (some dried up completely) which does cause a problem for the little flying critters... part of nature. But I am happy to say that there is water in the lake again.
I hope that you will stop in the next time you come through Texas and enjoy the improvements. The Dallas Voice Readers has voted RR the best weekend get-a-way for the past 8 years.
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